jason-headshot-checkered-shirt-1Hi, I’m Jason Eichmiller, and I run Reverse Mortgage Reality.  It is my absolute pleasure to be your Reverse Mortgage guide!

So why am I qualified to teach you about Reverse Mortgages? After all I’m just 40, and in no way close to being able to get one myself. (Although my wife I and really wish we could!)

Since 2008, I’ve helped more than 450 (and the list is growing) seniors and their families learn about and get reverse mortgages. I’ve spoken to groups and have educated scores of financial advisors, attorneys, CPA’s, realtors and other folks who help seniors THRIVE.

I must admit, I came into the Reverse Mortgage world by complete accident (or divine intervention). I moved from Baltimore to Philadelphia chasing a girl (is this story a cliché?), and fortunately I caught her! So I had the new city, I had the girl, but I didn’t have a job! Then one day I answered an ad for “Reverse Mortgage Specialists”. I visited the office and the President of the company asked me what I knew about Reverse Mortgages. My answer went something like, “Very little. I think you guys give seniors some cash they can use, and when they die you take the home.”

He looked at me, smiled and proceeded to tell me how wrong I was. And when he was done, I was hooked. I learned that Reverse Mortgages don’t have to be used in desperation, that the kids DO get the house in the end, and a few ways that seniors can use Reverse Mortgages to elevate their retirement experience. Did I mention that I was hooked?

Now, fast forward twelve quick years. I am incredibly blessed to have helped hundreds of seniors, and have the opportunity to help hundreds more. I’ve personally used reverse mortgages to save peoples’ homes, help them save money while in retirement, downsize by just paying half price for a home, and age in place in their home instead of the nursing home.

jason-familyI’m also blessed to have a wonderful wife and three terrific children. (My wife and I have been busy these past eight years!)

I work hard to educate folks on the Reverse Mortgage Pros and Cons. And if you’re going to trust me to help you, I’m going to make 110% sure that you can afford to live in your home.

So that’s me. 

If you’d like to read more, here’s a recent write-up on my reverse mortgage practice

If you’d like to learn if a reverse mortgage is the right choice for you, feel free to reach out. I promise I’ll educate you without any sales pressure. Of course, if you decide to pursue a reverse mortgage I’ll do my very best to help.

You can reach me at either (888) 309 9705, (267) 289 1095 or jasone@reversemortgagereality.com.