Why Reverse Mortgage?

What They Say

Working with Jason on our reverse mortgage was a pleasurable experience. Jason is very professional, has great follow-up and gladly answers all your questions. I would highly recommend Jason and his company to anyone who is looking for a reverse mortgage.

Victor & Tracy Yosco

It was with Mr Eichmiller’s support and expertise that was able to make a good decision regarding realizing a viable reverse mortgage. The process can be very complicated and a bit scary as the home is often the person’s last and only resource. He was very thorough in pointing out both the advantages and possible shortcomings in entering into this process. Did not feel any pressure regarding what my decision may be; again he was very professional and helpful in guiding me through the process. An honest and nice man with the Client’s interests and concerns in mind.


I cannot say enough about Jason! The entire process was easy, and he does well with older people that was a surprise for someone so young in today’s marketplace. He always kept us up to date on the process and always returned our calls if we had any questions.

James Stanley Emery

Jason is a warm caring person, who I learned in dealing with him, is a wonderful family man. These are important qualities when you are a senior making life changing decisions. I would recommend Jason to anyone and everyone that I knew. I felt I could trust him completely. He guided me through the whole process of the reverse mortgage, calmed my fears, answered my questions, without making me feel stupid or annoying. He always was available to me even when he wasn’t on the clock, all the figures he did to get me the best rates were accurate and with me in mind. I never felt pressured or that I was being taken advantage, he never tried to talk me into the reverse mortgage. In the end it was my decision and It was the best one I made.

Joyce Quintieri

I am writing to recommend Jason Eichmiller as a Reverse Mortgage Specialist. Jason worked on my Reverse Mortgage approximately 1 year ago and was recommended to me because my loan was a very complicated one.
Jason worked unbelievable hard processing this loan through to closing. I have no hesitation in recommending Jason as a very knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional mortgage specialist.

Clara Cummings

Jason was the first person to respond to my request for a reverse mortgage. He explained the whole process but never tried to talk me into something that I was not sure about. We ran into a few problems with the property but he did everything he could to get the problems resolved and he did. Was a pleasure to work with. Did not end up with any cash due to the amount owed on the house and its value but I eliminated the monthly payments and made life easy.

Ron Klimovich

Jason did a wonderful job. He made this happen for us painlessly and quickly. I have since told struggling neighbors about Reverse Mortgage and it has changed their lives. I am a cancer patient and had to retire early because of recurring cancer. Our house was paid for so we were able to take some money out of it to pay off some bills and we now have a nice added amount to combine to our Social Security. It is not considered income, therefore it is not taxable. Well, back to Jason, he came through on everything he promised. I wish every contract could go this smoothly. Thank you for a job well done Jason. Please keep me in your prayers.

Linda F. Lehman

Jason was so very helpful to my mother, my brother, and most importantly my mother. We trusted him to help our mother get a reverse mortgage so that we could keep her at home. We did not want to send her to a nursing home.
Everything went so smoothly for us, and Jason was always available to accept our telephone calls in case we had any questions or concerns. Our mother received her RM and is at home around family and friends.
Thank you, Jason!

Louise L. Smith

I was a bit apprehensive about meeting with a representative from the reverse mortgage company. However as soon as Jason stepped into my home, I was at ease. His manner is so engaging and you can soon tell that he is very knowledgeable about what he represents. He makes the whole process easier and shorter as he takes you through it step by step.

I would recommend Jason to anyone interested in reverse mortgages-knowing that he can simplify the entire process because he is so well informed and has much valuable experience.

Maryann Bloyd

This letter is written to thank Jason Eichmiller so much for helping our mom, Florence Smothers through the reverse mortgage process. Jason, you made the process understandable and basically painless. Your patience and willingness to answer our questions was priceless.

Because of your extensive knowledge and ability to work with people, mom will now be able to live comfortably in the home that she worked so hard for. Thank you again for giving our family some unexpected peace of mind.

Becky Stump

Recently we were looking to buy a Home with a Reverse Mortgage. Our Realtor introduced us to Jason Eichmiller. The best thing that ever happened to us. When we met Jason He took us by the hand and guided us through the process with unbelievable ease. All the stories we heard about the reverse mortgage’s lengthly process, complications and problems with the applications, we were afraid to start the process. After meeting Jason we felt like we knew him forever. He is Family oriented and treated us like we were his Family. He is very Professional and helpful with every question we had (and we had plenty of them). When we started the process with Jason everything went smoothly and in a few weeks we closed on the house with a Reverse Purchase. We are very satisfied dealing with Jason. We think there is no one better and we would recommend him highly.

Frank & Barbara Bielawski